Epicenter is a small family avocado tree nursery and mixed fruit orchard located in Santa Cruz County on California’s central coast, up on the northern edge of avocado growing country. Our goal in founding Epicenter Avocado Trees and Fruit is to provide to our customers the avocado trees that we wished we had known about when we were beginning to plant our grove: something beyond Bacon and Hass; richer fruit, avocados of different sizes and shapes, precocious and prolific bearing avocado trees, better quality, more flavors. Commercially grown avocado cultivars were selected to be shipped; Epicenter avocado tree varieties like Jan Boyce, Sharwil, Hellen, Queen, Reed and Greengold are grown to produce avocados for people who love avocados and are willing to work for the best. All of our avocado trees are grown organically and due to the small volume of our business, only available from early April until our limited stock is gone. Our avocado collection is growing continuously, a condition reflected in our “avocado varieties offered” list. Check it again next year!


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