Our Avocado Varieties

Sharwil Avocado

(Kona Sharwil)

Sharwil Avocado (Kona Sharwil)

Considered by some to be the world’s best, this avocado sets the standard of excellence in Hawaii, and in Hawaii alone. Although the Sharwil comprises the majority of Hawaii’s commercial avocado crop, USDA restrictions prevent sale of this avocado to the mainland. So you’ll have to grow it yourself! And why not? The rich, buttery avocados are small seeded, of excellent quality, and have a smooth creamy texture. The “B” flowered tree is small for an avocado tree and bears 8 to 16 oz. ovoid fruit. Once ripe, the fruit will hang on the tree for months, leading to a welcome extension of avocado season. What’s not to like?

Grown in a 6″x6″x16″ pot

$38 per tree, on Mexican seedling rootstock.

Due to freezes in our area that we received in December 2013, our nursery was badly damaged, and we will have limited trees for sale in 2014. Please check in with us again next year!

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